We create what's best for you at the right price, so how about starting away with something small?

HOW MUCH WE CHARGE? (Quick Pricing)


GOLD Website

$999.00 One Time Fee
    • Website Optimization
    • Social Media Integration
    • Administration Area
    • SEO
    • Responsive Design

Business Coaching

$1500.00 One Time Fee
    • Goal Setting & Strategic Planning
    • Social Media Management
    • Leadership Development
    • Operational Efficiency & Time Management
    • Networking & Relationship Building

Media Package

$2500.00 One Time Fee
    • 20 Blog/Website Placements
    • Press Release Distribution Newswires
    • 10 hours of service
    • SEO Enhancement
    • Content Writing

SEO Build Out - $500 Monthly

Drive traffic to your website get more backlinks and targeting traffic!

LOGO Design - $399

Upon completion, you will receive the logo files in various formats suitable for web, print, and digital use.

Network Build Out - $1000 Monthly

Learn how to network smarter to build meaningful relationships and achieve your goals!

Sales Presentation Deck Design - $500 (10 Pages)

Engage, impress, and close with a powerful sales deck.!

Client Maintenance - $500

Our Client Maintenance includes monthly check-ins and consulting sessions to enhance your projects and drive success!

Content Creation for Sales Deck - $300

Let us elevate your pitch with compelling content creation!

Here are a few brands in which holds an equity stake!


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