The Books

How to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time

One of the key elements to success in business, not to mention life, is time management. In their book, “How to Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time”, co-authors Jameelah Wilkerson and Dr. William Harrison, share proven and time tested ways of enhancing daily productivity and increasing your bottom-line, while working fewer hours. “It’s not how much you do, but what you choose to do that makes the big difference!” – Jameelah Wilkerson”When you get right down to it, your time is actually more valuable than money!” – Dr. William Harrison

IGNITE YOUR LYFE: Self Esteem Through Entrepreneurship

“Ignite Your Life” is a comprehensive guidebook divided into ten chapters, each aligning with the numerological value of 10, symbolizing leadership and independence. It begins with mastering emotions and thinking strategies for success, progressing through building a personal brand, establishing credit, and effective marketing. The book emphasizes the importance of positive thinking and legacy-building, blending practical strategies with the concept of numerology. This roadmap equips readers with the tools for personal and professional success, offering valuable insights for self-improvement and goal achievement.

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