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 For all those hip-hop lovers and rap music lovers, the CEO/Publisher of The Hype Magazine Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson has showcased her skills as a business professional, marketing consultant, web designer, graphic designer, and songwriter.

Although she’s known for her Southern Entertainment Awards nomination for “Magazine Publication of the Year,” Proclamation for the city of Atlanta, and the winner of “Magazine of the Year” at the SCM Awards 2015, her newest feather addition to her success that is her career in songwriting and singing.

Jameelah began her magazine in 2002 at the age of 23, her passion for music and songwriting did not reduce in all these years. The craze for songwriting has only grown in these times and has flourished in the form of the fantastic song “You Make Me Feel” written by her.

Over the years, Just Jay has expanded her legacy after the death of her mother, concentrating more on the business side to make her mother feel proud of her.

“Just Jay,” born in Muncie, Indiana, has led her company with her expertise in multiple arenas. Not only as marketing, PR, and graphic design firm, but also as a successful entertainment magazine owner focusing on music. She has excelled in every field she’s entered.


About The Hype Magazine

Founded in 2002, The Hype Magazine grew from a one-page newsletter to a major print media outlet, adding print retail outlets as of December 2013. With only one year on shelves in major retailers in the United States and Germany, Hype captured “Magazine Publication of the Year” honors at the seventh annual SCM Awards in March of 2015. Covering “News from Hip-Hop to Hollywood”. The Hype Magazine’s diverse content has made it an entertainment industry powerhouse on multiple continents. Currently, The Hype Magazine is available in more than 3,000 stores including, select Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, CVS, Target, Kmart, 7-11 and much more. (www.thehypemagazine.com)

Recent Reviews 
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Artists Just Jay Manages and Represents
palmtreePresident of Marketing/Business Affairs 
Palm Tree Entertainment
Artists: Soulja Boy – IHeart Memphis – Buck Nasty – Dawson – Yung Keyz & More

Trailblazer Award 2016


Winner – SCM Awards 2015


Southern Entertainment Award Nominations –  2014, 2015, 2016


Consulting For the Business of Entertainment

digitalIndividual Hour or bulk sessions covering core topics of clients request. Every consult can be tailored to fit the needs or specific requirements of the client. Focus in areas of organization, branding, marketing, promotion, production, and solicitation.

Foundational Structuring & Organizing Planning and solidifying the basic brand of an artist, from content to images, logos to fonts, and colors to keywords in order to develop the foundational core, with a focus specifically on the content and branding creation. Branding with uniformity, continuity, and consistency delivers conversions!

Brand creation & development, brand editing & adjusting, project management, project coordination, budgeting, business plans, optimization plans and templates, content creation plans, Art Direction and visual design, Fan Engagement plans, editorial calendars and content strategies, social media development, advertising campaign planning, contract reviews, mediation, solicitation plans, pre production.

Individual & Block Sessions

½ Hour: $75.00 USD
1 Hour: $150.00 USD
4 Hour Reserved Block: $500.00 USD
8 Hour Reserved Block: $1,000.00 USD

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Square Merchant or PayPal. No checks, please.

Connection Method

Skype, by phone or in person.

All Onsite or Traveling for Jameelah Wilkerson to Client Engagements
All transportation, food, & lodging from door to door to door is paid for by client unless otherwise negotiated.


Marketing, PR and Design Strategist determined to meet or exceed goals on a consistent basis by utilizing creativity, strong interpersonal communications, organizational and presentation skills.

Qualification Summary 

Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, Front Page, Illustrator and Power Point, Joomla and Wordpress.

Marketing, PR and Design Strategist determined to meet or exceed goals on a consistent basis by utilizing creativity, strong interpersonal communications, organizational and presentation skills.

Work Experience

Engaging, Posting, Optimizing, Selling & Marketing Online:

Creating the right foundation and executing a plan for building a new audience, as you continue to maintain your existing one.   Jameelah outlines the best branding, posting and marketing approaches to build your fan or customer base as you continue to engage your existing fans with out coming off like spamming or overly selling.  Jameelah discusses the ideas of setting up an editorial calendar, formatting your posts the right way for the right pages and how to get the best results from every single post in the short and long term. Content is king and content comes first, then following with a call to action, you engage and connect first, which allows the sell to be that much more effective.

Creating & Breaking down your Business Plan or Prospectus:

Simplifying, Defining & budgeting with the right details in order to fund your project.   Jameelah breaks down the different elements and line items to add to a successful business plan and explain how the right plan will get you the right funding. From the smallest costs to the largest ones, Jameelah identifies and outlines how to get your plan underway, the crucial parts and the steps to begin to take even before you start soliciting or achieve funding. This is one of the talk titles that also digs in to who to approach, how to sell and when to ask.

Realistic Sustainable Careers and the logistics of them today:

An expanded overview of the realities of maintaining in today’s business environment.  Jameelah covers a broad overview of everything from creating and building to maintaining and enduring in the entertainment business or any business endeavor in the world of today. Taking into consideration all the changes that have happened, social media, the oversaturation of marketing and those playing the hype game, this talk presents a solid blueprint to aim for sustainability on a realistic level. Whether you are creating it, selling it, promoting it, marketing it or buying it, the logistics and an understanding of the realities and environment of today is required.

  • Design, implement and facilitate annual marketing strategies for the magazine.
  • Support and facilitate development and implementation of section business/marketing plans.
  • Plan and administer the magazines marketing operations budget; support development of regional marketing budgets and oversee the charitable contributions foundation.
  • Responsible for organizing and implementing client relations including client satisfaction surveys, client development activities, client skills training and special events. Assist in strategic planning for client presentations.
  • Supervise the protocol process including writing proposals for new business; participated in planning and presentation sessions, when assigned.
  • Communicating and working with the regional offices on designing and implementing prospecting and client contact systems.
  • Responsible for coordinating and producing magazine layouts and designs.
  • Provided graphic design and art direction for a variety of graphics products including ads, newsletters, report covers, annual reports, brochures, exhibit displays, maps, slide shows and the governmental cable TV channel.
  • Determining size and arrangement of illustrative material. Copy, selecting the style, size of type, and arranging layouts based upon available space, Knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts. Studied illustrations, photographs, and text to plan presentation of material, product or service.
  • Activity in reviewing layout and suggesting improvements as needed. Also prepared the assembly of final layouts for printing, reviews, approved art and copy materials. Provided expert analysis and input on others designs.

Publicist/Marketing Strategist For THM Media Group 


Proclamation – City of Atlanta – 2014


Songwriter – Registered with ASCAP 


Video: Just Jè (Just Jay) – U Make Me Feel