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Statement Wealth

It’s simply a piece of paper that tells you the results of your investment decisions. A notification that arrives bearing good news or bad news depending upon outside factors; factors which are clearly outside of your control. Statement Wealth is what most Americans are taught to seek.

Types of accounts such as:

  • 401(k)
  • IRA
  • 529 plans
  • High Yielding Savings Accounts
  • Mutual funds

These investment vehicles require routine contributions for maintenance and offer little to no control over the overall outcome and performance. Often times financial institutions benefit from your money before it actually reaches your statement.

The Drive Planning Difference

Contractual Wealth tools are a source of financial freedom; which is dictated by the amount of time, energy, and money invested into an opportunity that has been guaranteed or granted a level of control by some other person or entity. These types of investment opportunities offer predictability, reliability, and most importantly control over the outcome and performance of an investment.

Such Contractual Wealth investments include:

  • Business’
  • Real Estate
  • Private Investments
  • Employees
  • Private Reserve Investments

These investment vehicles require little to no contributions for maintenance after the initial investment but allow for the investors to access, control and accelerate their wealth. The investor benefits first from the money they’ve placed in these types of investments.

Drive Planning introduces Contractual Wealth Training and opportunities to our Members. We believe true wealth is achieved with options, opportunities, and access to capital. If you are not in control of your wealth, it may be in control of you.

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How To Buy Big Stuff


How would you like to pay for that? A common question that many of us hear every day for insignificant items. How would you handle that question for larger transactions?

  • Buying a car
  • Paying for a wedding
  • Buying a home
  • Paying for college
  • Funding a vacation

At Drive Planning, we refer to these as “Major Capital Purchases.” When it comes to situations when simply reaching into a wallet or swiping a card will not be enough, what are your options?

Mainstream information will give you two options: pay for it outright with life savings or finance it with a loan. The age-old debate: own it outright or take on debt.

The Drive Planning Difference

The truth of the matter: There is a third option when it comes to making major capital purchases. Take a loan from your own money. This allows you to own AND finance any major purchase, for business or pleasure. With the Drive Planning process and resources, our members structure their assets within contractual wealth vehicles that offer control of the money, collateralization options & consistent growth all within a tax-free environment.

This is someone who we describe as a Wealth Creator. One who maintains continual and uninterrupted growth of their money. This is a financial lifestyle that allows for a higher quality of life today without jeopardizing the high quality of life we all desire in retirement.

Drive Planning teaches, trains and develops Wealth Creators every day. Our team of experts are here to show you how to Keep More, Make More & Live More! When you are ready to learn about the power of consistent winning through contractual wealth and The Drive Planning approach to a better life.

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